Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mul Bhartiya Vichar Manch :

Dead Lock of Caste and Varn :

Yes it is a Dead Lock of Varn and Caste system Videshi Brahmins put on Hindu society making them slaves for thousands of years .

Many people Saints , Dharmatmas , Mahatmas , Great Leaders and Thinkers spent their lives to solve this dead lock , unlock the Hindu society and clean the other religious societies which came in contact with infected Hindu society of this deadly rotten system . All efforts went without any final satisfaction and permanent solution to this problems .

Buddhism , Jainism , Silkism got them selves spoiled with Varnwadi , Jaatiwadi Brahmins soon they entered in these faiths which in fact arouse in protest and against Varn and Caste System .

Saints and some reformist advised inter caste varn marriages and meals , Some suggested opening of temples and other common used places like ponds etc to most affected people who are called Untouchables . Videshi Brahmins puried those places with Ganga water and Gomutra telling Hindus that even excreta of Cow an animal is holier than Hindus like Dalits , Shudras .

Acts and Laws have some limitations so far religion ills are concerned and nothing like divided Hindu Code bill in various acts and laws and even constitution aim and preamble , directives could not end Varn and Caste system from Hindus as all these efforts are for heart change of notorious Videshi Brahmins who are the originators of this ugly and barbarians system .

Native Rule Movement has come to conclusion that the key of this dead lock is only one and that is declaring Videshi Brahmin as Non Hindus as in fact Videshi Brahmin Dharm is separate from Native Hindu Dharm . By making this Brahmins are no more law providers to Hindus as they are alien and Videshis and of different religion which is not Hindu Dharm .

Nativist D.D.Raut , Vichark , Mul Bhartiya Vichar Manch and President , Native People's Party and Pracharak of Satya Hindu Dharm Sabha has been putting up his this opinion for long . So far this was never told by any body in the past as many of the thinkers were reformist or running away from Hindu society by forming some small sect and religion .

We will not run away from our duty and responsibility to liberate our Native Nation and Native Hindu Dharm which is infected by Videshi Brahmin by wrong claim that they are Hindus too . We deny their claim right now , Brahmins are neither Hindus nor Hindustani .

We will dispatch Videshi Brahmins Lock , Stock , Barrel . This is the Dead Lock Key we call it Native Rule Movement .

My Dear Hindus and Native Citizens what you think ? Will you give us best wishes or not ? We are sure you will be with us as you will be with yourself !

Nv. Daulatrao Domaji Raut​
Vicharak , MBVM

Our Message to Nation :Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo


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