Wednesday, April 18, 2012


At no time the people who migreted to other land  and country and who marched as aggressors were large enough to surpass and claim  to say that they were aboriginals. For example Videshi  British were minority,  Videshi Mongal were minority. Videshi  Brahmins were minority .The txture of population as aboriginal and migrated was quite visible always.

All countries have their history of nativity and it is accepted by world forum like UN.

In this age also countries have not opened their borders and military and police are not abandoned by any country. Visits and citizenship is regulated by rules like Visa, Permit  of that land and entry depends on strict  conditions. To say all are Indians and nobody Native is misleading and misconceived mischief.

It makes little sense to say that freedom struggle was unnecessary. It only shows great ignorance  about liberty and Nativity.

Majority people of India are Native and Brahmins, British and Mongals were and are foreigners in India. it is the Duty of each Native person , Mul Bhartiya, Mul Niwasi to liberate their home land from foreigners what ever the period has passed is not important as the freedom struggle and war with foreigner Brahmins  was never stopped by Native People of India.

Nv. D.D.Raut, President, Native People's Party

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chodo Bharat Jodo

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