Sunday, September 1, 2013



Yes , Nativist require only 5 people to end corruption from India completely.

He is already having one with him , other four he needs .

Corruption is age old disease. It originated in videshi Brahmin Dharm . It spoiled native Hindu Dharm and whole system in India ,

According to us corruption takes places in form of taking , giving and keeping mum by those people who are not givers or takers. Dhutarshtra is that example . He was not corrupt but kept mum when it was taking place.

In Indian system , for ending corruption completely , nativist require only 5 person . He is having one with him , that is Dharmatma Kabir and he requires other four viz.

1 President of India

2 Prime Minister of India

3 Chief justice Of India

4 Comptroller and Auditor General of India

It is our firm opinion that if above four people are serious for ending corruption from this country and Dharmatma Kabir's Satya Hindu Dharm revealed in holy Bijak is followed in true spirit , nothing can stop wiping out corruption from this land.

There is corruption in India because , the above four people are not serious and committed to bringing Satya Hindu Dharm back to this land as day to day life work.

If President of India is corruption free , if Prime Minister of India is corruption free, if Chief Justice of India is corruption free and if CAG is corruption free all the system under their control will be corruption free . They are made chief for doing their duty and one most important duty in there function is zero per cent corruption in his controlled department . Unfortunately none of them are doing their duty faithfully to their nation . There is corruption in their departments and it is 100 percent , they are responsible .

Give us power to give corruption free India , we will appoint only those people who say it is their duty to end corruption from their departments and whole nation will be corruption free. Yes , because there is no sector , function , no work , that not coming under them . But they should not be Dhutarashtra and say they are not corrupt as they them selves are not doing. For corruption under them , they are responsible. They need to take resposibility , they need to do their duty . Are they doing ?

Not at all , that is why there is corruption in India . Nativist wants these four people with him as like Dharmatam Kabir's Bijak is with him as a Sayta Hindu Dharmi.

We are working for that day .

Nv. D.D.Raut , President , N.P.P.

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo

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