Friday, March 28, 2014


RSS is cooking Modi PM Khayali Pulav :

Ever since Atal lost in the race of PM , RSS was thinking as to how they can bring back Brahmin managed rule at centre . India Shining failed miserably and people lost faith both in BJP and their Brahmin leaders as they want now Non Brahmin Native Rule only.

Direct Brahmin rule days are gone now for ever. No Brahmin leader projected by RSS can be accepted by any allies , not even BJP it self as BJP Non Brahmin leaders are now quite capable and smart to sense what Brahmin dominated RSS wants .

So there for, RSS is cooking Modi PM Khayali Pulav . Why only Modi is chosen ? Answae is very simple . Modi got ample money through route of Adani , Ambani and other ready to work business houses for Modi for some favors of course  as noted by AAP Kejariwal . He is OBC as propagate deliberately by Modi himself and most important he is denied Visa by America for Gujarat 2002 Riot killing thousands of Muslims , which RSS Pundits think will get votes from Non Muslims , poor and ignorant OBCs.

But we think this will be proved only Khayali Pulav .

The other Ingredients they wish to put in this Khayali Pulav directly goes against testy making and digestible . In fact Rajnath , Yedduappa , Kalyan , Umabharati , Gadkari etc are those factors can not bring back BJP to power as they have already lost public support and faith for various reasons . The Brahmins and Old guards like Advani , Joshi , Tandon , and others now do not bother RSS and BJP and will work for self rather than BJP under such circumstances .

Kejariwal's fire of charges will be unbearable and unanswerable for Modi as he is not IITen like Kejariwal and will get expose for poor knowledge of Indian History , Sociology and Geography   .

Even doing all hectic Media management RSS - BJP - VHP , they can not push BJP a child of RSS Vedik - Manusmriti - Brahmin Superiority and Non Brahmin Inferiority ideology 3 per cent Brahmin maximum elected 22 MPs of prior to BJP period to even 50 MPs and with allies to 100 MPs and a few MP strength gain by Ramvilas , Athawale , Udit Raj  opportunist .

Congress to is dreaming for for their Rahul Khichadi but that will be like Khichadi of Birbal  as Congress is a sinking ship or burning House getting destroyed by it's Panditwad post Mahatma Gandhi period  and Gandhiji rightly advised to end Congress after independence .

It looks nation will get now Mayavati Biryani rather than RSS Khayali Modi Pulav and Rahul 's Birbal Khichadi  as her Sarvjan may work once again seeing the osition of bad rule of SP.

We are waiting for our time to serve pure Native Rule for some time but surely to serve soon as now hence forth only native people will rule and no chance for Videshi Brahmins and their agents in what ever form they try to bring.

Nv. D.D.Raut , President , N.P.P.

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo

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