Tuesday, July 29, 2014

All Riots In India Are Creation Of Videshi Brahmins :
UP recently went through riots at Mazapparpur and Saharanpur.. The sufferers in both cases are Native people. Hindus , Muslims Sikhs are all Native people . We do not see any riot with Videshi Brahmins as yet nor we see any Brahmin suffering in such riots .
The tactic of Videshi Brahmins is always hide in home safely after giving air to riots and watch native people fight among themselves and suffer .
In the riots who are sufferers and for what ?
In most of the cases fight is for some small land , for taking out procession , for loudspeaker , some filthy thing thrown in Mosque or Temple , brisking with two community people , a petty quarrel for personal reason etc etc . At the end when riot is over what we see is that native people have lost their source of earning .Shop is burned, House is burned , Earning members and dear and near are lost and dead . Finally only Native people by what ever name they are called like Jat , Muslims , Sikh , OBC Hindus , Dalits are sufferers and not Videshi Brahmins .
Why we are Muslims ? Why we are Hindus , Why we are Sikhs , Why we are Buddhist , Why we are Jains , Why we are Christians ? We are these people because we are Non Brahmins Native people want to come out of the Videshi Brahmins gulami , Varn and Caste system . When we fight among ourselves , the whole purpose is lost and that is what Videshi Brahmins want us to do.
When riots are over we want immediately worldly good like food , milk , medicine , earning source and let us not forget such thing are necessary for our worldly life first and there after what ever faith we follow . Loosing our means of earning, our near and dear, suffering every movement of life and wishing the same from the matter for which we participated in riot is not wisdom . There fore we must concentrate on those people , those Videshi Brahmins who are pitting us against ourselves to benefit them and their long stay in India with divide and rule motive .
Our faiths like Sikh , Hindu, Muslim , Jain , Buddhist , Christian , should be our strength to fight and finish Videshi Brahmins who are real enemy of our land and Native people and their happiness .
So let us say Alvida to Riots among ourselves and let us Unitedly Send Out Videshi Brahmins .
Nv. D.D.Raut ,
Sevak , MBVM
Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo

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