Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mul Bhartiya Vichar Manch :

Only half mads criticize Hindus without knowing that Brahmin Dharm is separate from Hindu Dharm .

We see many half mads criticizing Hindus without knowing that Hindu Dharm is separate from Brahmin Dharm . They have no courage to accept this and say this . They confuse Brahmin Dharm with Hindu Dharm.

Brahmins are not Hindus . They are not Hindustani . How their religion can be Hindu Religion ? Even every Brahmin says he follows Vedic Arya - Brahmin Dharm of Varn and Bhedbhav ,

Has any  Native Hindu Saint told us accept this Varn system ? Accept this Bhedbhav system ? No . On the contrary they have told us right from Shiv - Ram - Krishna ,  Mahaveer , Buddha , Kabir , Ravidas , Nanak , Namdev , Tukaram to Gadgebaba and Tukadoji Maharaj that the Brahmin Dharm is not Hindu Dharm ,

Then what is Native Hindu Dharm ? It was being followed since Sindhu Civilization period . There was no Varn and Caste system , Bhedbhav, Uchnich . Sindhu Civilization inscriptions show us our great lord and Guru surrounded Men- Women , Birds , Snakes and Animals like elephant , bull , and other animals but notrace of Vedic Brahmin Horse whose sacrifice they were giving in their Hom - Havan to which they called Ashwamedh  . Hindus do not have such systems no alcoholic drink like Somras drunken by Videshi Brahmins and sleeping of their wives with dead horse and pujaris . Hindu Dharm criticize all such inhuman rituals . Then how , Hindus can be called followers of Vedic Brahmin Dharm ?

Hindu Dharm was destroyed  by Brahmins while doing destruction , fire and killing when they forcefully entered our peaceful holy land Hindustan .They declared themselves as superior to Native Hindus like Hitler and named our solders , rulers as Kshatriya , our native traders as Vaishya and farmers , common men , labors , craftsmen as Shudras and those who resisted this system as Out Castes , Asprushya and Adiwashi ,Bhut , Rakshas etc to degrade them they put severe ban on then even on their entry in cities .

But Hindu Religion can never be wiped out from the mind of native people and their day to day social life . Majority Hindus never accepted Brahmins as their leaders and superiors and continued to live life with out calling Brahmin in any function and did their own religious function on their own following old Hindu system which Brahmins call as Puranic Rituals and not Vedic Rituals . Even they performed same Puranic Rituals at the time of bath of Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj . Shahu felt bad and insulted as on one hand these Brahmins were calling him part of Vedic Brahmin Dharm on the other hand trated him separate from Brahmin Dharm and as Native Hindu inferior to Brahmin .

Hindu Dharm is revealed by many Native Hindu Non Brahmins right from Shiv , Ram , Krishna , Mahaveer , Buddha , Nanak and Dharmatma codified the Satya Hindu Dharm in his holy Vaani called as Bijak . Now this is the only Code Book of Satya Hindu Dharm.

In some of the earlier Hindu Dharm revelers , Brahmins tried to mix Varn and Jaati system . Geeta is one of that example . Therefore only Bijak is now Hindu Dharm Code Book.

What Bijak says . Naari means Desire . Ram means which is Not Dead means Chetana which never ends and Karm which gives bad and good results doing that . Our Hindu Dharm is very simple , very easy to follow and understand , Even a chanting one stanza from  Bijak is sufficient for any occasion like birth ceremony , naming , wedding , daily pooja which can be performed by oneself without Videshi Brahmin Pandit - Pujari and only that pooja performed by self , sumiran by self can give you results and action or pooja on behalf by you done by Brahmin can give .

Let us follow our own Hindu Dharm and regain self respect , pride and peace once again to Hindu society and Hindustan .

Nv. Daulatrao Domaji Raut​

Vicharak , MBVM

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo    

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