Sunday, January 29, 2012


Mahatma Gandhi , Father of Nation was killed by a Brahmin boy Nathuram Godse under the influence of Savarkar and RSS on 30 January 1948 when he was going for all religion prayers at Birla Mandir in Delhi. Godse was trying to run away after killing Gandhiji but was caught hold. On his phisical examination by investing agencies he was found have made Sunta even though he was Brahmin to fool people that Muslim boy killed Gandhiji. Gandhiji killers have spread that rumor widely like Ganpati drinks milk recently.

Gandhij has declared himself Buddhist while on his visit to Shri Lanka in 1927. Brahmin Religion people since then were made several attempts on his life. At Poona bomb blasting was made at his visit site but he escaped .

Brahmins were  afraid that after Independence Gandhiji will take on total reforms in Hindu Religion . Gandhiji and Dr. Ambedkar both were dangerous for Brahmins . And they killed both openly and by treachery.

Native People's Party believes in the teaching and thoughts of Daharmatama Kabir,  Grand Father of India Mahatma Phule , Father of India Mahatma Gandhi , Bharat Bhagya Vidhata Dr. Ambedkar and the Youngest Martyr of India Baji Raut

We remember with respect Mahatma Gandhi today on his Hutatma Din. and pay our tribute,

Nativist D.D.Raut, President, Native People's Party

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chodo Bharat Jodo

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