Monday, March 12, 2012


Your Mouth is full of Mal and Mutra . That is what you are showing from your post Mr. Videshi Brahmins . You can not argue and can not give logical explanation to the questions raised by crores of Hindus who are Native which means Mul Bharatiya in Hindi .

Brahmins are neither Hindus nor Hindustani. Hindu Religion and Brahmin Religion are separate. Brahmin Religion is condemned by many people including Vivekanand, Gandhji, Bhagat Singh, Mahaveer, Budha, Nanak , Kabir, Phule, and many right thinking Brahmins who feel now ashamed for being born as Brahmins. Jayprakash even gave call to leave Janeu so that Brahmins may change.

Tilak, Nehru, Savarkar, Dange and many Brahmins proudly accepted that they are Videshis and relatives of Hitler and Musonini .

Dr Ambedkar very categorically mentioned that Brahmins are Videshis and not Native. He said those who are Brahmins, Brahmin Keshtriya and Brahmin Vaisha are Aryan who are Videhi and those who are not above people are Native . SC, ST, NT, are not part of Arya- Brahmins and they are Native. The forth category Shudra from Brahmin- Arya are Videshi but those who are tradesmen of India like, farmers, Lohar, Sutar, Mali, Teli , Bunkar and many of such profession who were called Shudras are not from Aryan- Brahmin origin but Native origin. This is what Dr. Ambedkar explained.

We do not bother for those Brahmin -Arya origin Shudra, Vaishas, Kshtriyas and lastly Brahmins what they do with these people and whether they call them animal or dog. We are concerned with Native people to whom Brahmins called Shdras, Vaishas and Kshatriya to fool and deceive .

Nv. D.D.Raut, President, Native People's Party

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chodo Bharat Jodo

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