Friday, March 30, 2012


To understand Kabir one will have to forgo Gadhapan and Videshi Brahmin
Hamali . If this would have happened with Videshi Brahmins would have
become human.

The ownership of the house has nothing to do with qualities like gentleman
or criminal. The ownership of house does not change if one is bad or good.
DNA may not certify fully whether one is good or bad . But certainly is clarifies certain trend of that race and mental set up . History tells us
that Videshi Brahmin DNA is having social criminal set up that is why they
say they are superior and others are inferior. It is like thief calling
himself intelligent.

Ownership of country is like ownership of home as nation is called Home
Land. If Videshis make rule that Native are slaves, such and all other
rules are subject to review and change by Native People

Citizenship and domicile is changeable not Nativity.Videshi Brahmins are refugees in India. Their stay for what ever period it may be can not make
them Native. Not even accepting religion of good thinking like Buddhism and other good religions

We advise Vidheshi Brahmin Hamals to Quit India with their Videshi Brahmin masters

Nv D.D.Raut, President, Native People's Party

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chodo Bharat Jodo

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