Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Need - based Hindu Dharm verses Greed - based Brahmin Dharm ;

Any religion which is founded on Need -based can be called Dharm where as when a system id founded on Greed - based is called Brahmin Dharm or Brahminwad , Manuwad , Peshwai etc. It is not Dharm but Adharm .

Native Hindus who are aboriginals of Hindustan are very simple and workaholic people . Native Hindus are known as Bara Balutedar also means doing several works which have been useful and need based . Hindus have devised an ancient religion since Sindhu Civilization period which had created wonderful cities , people , art , painting , pots and several things making peaceful life of people .

Greed - based Videshi Brahmin Dharm people came as foreigners to this land like destroying invaders like British ,Duch , French , Mongals which had taken place a few centuries ago . Brahmins were first cruel invaders who not only burnt old Hindu civil life but introduced their barbarian Brahmin Dharm which was against social harmony but for few Videshi Brahmins . Brahmin Dharm declared Brahmins are creation from head of their so called god Brahma denying equality to other 97 per cent native people . Local Raj- put , Kshetriya , Warriors , Tradesmen , Businessmen were called second graded , third graded people and small farmers - workers and other people as Shudra and Atishudra placing them in lowest order . This divisive Brahmin Dharm was based on greed or Greed -based .

As one knows , greed can never be satisfied . It is unending . Buddha, Mahaveer , Kabir , Nanak and many Native Saints tried to correct Greedy Brahmin but failed as it is their characteristic . We see this Greed -based economy even now which  called privatization , globalization . We say this is Brahminwad , Brahmin Dharm which is also harmful to Hindustan and Native people as was Videshi Brahmin Dharm .

How to end this Greed- based Brahmin Dharm ?

Two fold work will require . One safeguard yourself against such greedy people second drive out them by Gandhian way calling them to Quit India . We forgive our enemies also that is why we say ' Quit India '

Nv. D.D.Raut ,
Pracharak , SHDS

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo  

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