Sunday, July 12, 2015


Question of Brahmins in Non Brahmin Organizations and Non Brahmins in Brahmin Organizations , a matter of serious thought :

We see there are two types of organizations , political , non political working in Hindustan . For example Congress was founded in 1885 by A.O.home , a Non Brahmin , Britisher . Many Brahmins joined it as office bearers and they took over control of that organization very soon by Brahmins and Tilak , Agarkar , Malviya , Nehru , etc . were in such a position that the whole organization was Brahminized . Only from 1920 and onwards entry of Non Brahmin M.K Gandhi from 1916 made Congress felt presence of Non Brahmins and Muslims and Brahmins immediately founded Brahminwadi RSS in 1925 helping other Brahminwadi organizations like Hindu Mahasabha etc to eliminate and create problems of Non Brahmin leadership of Gandhiji .

There were also Brahmin organizations like Hindu Mahasabha , Ram Raj Party where some Non Brahmins were members but primarily they were either fund givers , jamidars , businessmen supporting Brahminwad or those small workers for cleaning pandal, as unimportant workers. They were always told by Brahmins that they are masters and others are workers .

Now same position we see in present day political organizations founded by Brahmins and Non Brahmins . They have cells like OBC , SC , ST , Muslims in Brahmin founded parties as they are founded for Brahmin Rule and others are considered as Cells .

In Non Brahmin political parties there are cells like Minority , Christians , Muslims but not a separate cell for Brahmins . Brahmins join these parties with direct big positions like second in command and soon take whole charge of that organization or threaten to leave this organization ,party . In any case Brahmins never want to work as subordinate and never want to leave his Brahminism , Varn and Brahmin Dharm Vikruti of Vedas , Hom - Havan , Janeu , caste-ism etc .

Now the question is how good these Videshi Brahmins are for Non Brahmins in both Brahmin formed organizations and organizations formed by Non Brahmins . And in both the case we find they are useless for Non Brahmins , Native people . Therefore , we feel , Non Brahmins should not waste their time in such organizations where Brahmins are Members as the movement of Non Brahmins get stagnated and without final results such as Videshi Brahminless Society .

We see some of the organizations trying to make Videshi Brahmin faltu leaders great taking shelter of Mahatma Gandhi . Some Brahmins worked under Gandhiji , some Brahmins worked under Dr . Ambedkar but non of them said they are Not Brahmin or Left Brahmin Dharm For Ever . In fact they used Pandit , Brahmarshi , Arya etc words to show that they are Brahmins . Nehru , Malyiya , Tagore were Brahmins and remained Brahmins always .

Similarly , Non Brahmins working in Brahmin organizations were remained subordinate even after reaching the position PM . See the case of Modi , who is Non Brahmin , in Brahmin organization but can not say he will carry out census for OBC even though he himself is OBC . So Shudra remains Shurda in Brahmin organizations .

Mul Bhartiya Vichar Manch wants Native Rule , means our organization, our mind and our benefits . We reject both the types of organizations infected by Videshi Brahmins .

Nv. D.D.Raut
Vicharak , MBVM

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo

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