Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mul Bhartiya Vichar Manch
Brahmin and Brahminism as defined by their originator Videshi Brahmins . They proposed , we disposed as the things stand :
Who are Brahmin ?
Brahmins are Videshi invaders . They invaded Hindustan and destroyed Native Hindustani Sindhu Civilizations , killing several lakhs of Native people . They say Brahmins are born from the mouth of Brahma their adi Purusha as per their Brahmin Dharm Granth Rigveda hymn of Purusha Sukta .
Brahmin is a Varn in Vedic Brahmin Dharm , and also Jaat or Caste of people who are members of it Members are sub divided into numerous communities of Brahmins known as Gotras . Brahmins are singular Varn and Jat and all other Non Brahmins are Native subordinate in various degrees . No Native Hindu who are called by Brahmins as Kshtriya , Vaishya , Shudra or Untouchable is equal in status with Videshi Brahmin .
What is Brahminism or Brahminwad ?
Videshi Brahmins say they are Lords of all Non Brahmins , Shudra etc desertion of life for the sake of a Brahmin causes the ultimate bliss of outcasts , Shudras ---.A Shudra should serve the Brahmins for the sake of heaven or for the sake of both Heaven and Livelihood ---. Mostly to serve the Brahmins is declared to be the most excellent occupation of Shudras , for he does anything other than this is profits to him nothing . His means of life should be arranged by Brahmins in accordance with what is fitting . The leaving of food should be given to him and old clothes so too the rotten part of the grain and so too the old furniture . An accumulation of wealth should not be made by Shudra even if he is able, for Shudra getting possession of wealth merely injures the Brahmins .
So it is clear fro above clarification that both Brahmin and Brahminism or Brahminwad are inseparable . No Brahmin on earth deny this .
Now the question is what made Non Brahmins to say Brahmins and Brahminism or Brahminwad are separate ? We see some Non Brahmin saying that Brahmins and Brahminsm are separate and they say Brahminism is condemnable not Varn or Jat Brahmin . It means they agree that there is Brahmin Varn born from mouth of rapist Brahmha and also they agree to chaturvarn , untochability , bhedbahv etc etc. Now they can not go to Brahmins house for Buttermilk and hide the Bowl they want to collect from Brahmin houses , people , their society , organizations and political parties . They go to the extent of making show that they are progressive , humanist etc etc.
Their other argument in favor of supporting or not criticizing Brahmin is that there are some good Brahmins . Their definition of Good Brahmin is wonderful and they never disclose that what is mean by Good Brahmin ? Their goodness is connected to their own interest and not not of whole society , Nation and Native people .
They say some of the good Brahmins were with Gandhiji and Ambedkar . We say Gandhiji and Dr Ambedkar were good enough to keep them with them and nothing had gone wrong had they not kept Brahmin company . In fact Nation would have gained tremendously had these so called Brahmins not been with these great leaders . We have No Brahmins , in our organizations and we find it is perfectly OK as we need not to wash dirty wounds and clothes of dirty Brahmins . The greatest and holiest duty of any citizen is to protect their house , land , family and country . These Brahamin lover Non Brahmiins do not want to perform that duty at the same time want all benefits on the toil of those Native people who perform these holy duty . We call such Non Brahmin , Videshi Brahmin lovers Jaichands . And only Jaichands can say Brahmin and Brahminism or Brahminwad are separate . We are not Jaichands , so we say Brahmin and Brahminwad are inseparable and both condemnable, fit for wiping out and finished .
Nv. D.D.Raut ,
Vicharak , MBVM
Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo

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