Thursday, August 27, 2015

Native People's Party :

When ever Native Hindus demand some benefits as Hindu caste why Videshi Brahmins get desperate and angry ?

Hindus namely Kshtriyas , Vaishyas , Patels , Maraathas , Nairs , Jaats , Dhangar etc when they ask some benefits as Hindus why Brahmins are getting unhappy and angry is not know .

It may be because Brahmins are not Hindus and Hindusthani .

Videshi Brahmins are basically following Vedic Brahmin Dharm which they have codified in Sanskrit language . This language speaking people strength is 1400 people now . They were recorded about 45000 but dwindled to 1400 now . It means real Videshi Brahmins are about 1 crore and even they do not speak this language regularly except during Brahmin rituals and ceremony . Brahmins have shifted their language now to other languages and do not bother for Sanskrit any more at the same time they want to spend thousands of crores rupees from government funds which are public money of Hindus for fancy of Brahmin language Sanskrit . Hindus keep quite on this wasteful expenditure but when Hindus ask some benefits as Hindus like reservation Videshi Brahmins get angry and unhappy .

The Supreme Court has given verdict that reservation can not be more than 51 per cent but they are not telling how small section  3 per cent Videshi Brahmins can have benefit of 49 per cent open category ? It means the verdict of SC is faulty . Why Majority Native people , Hindus should accept that ?

Study of Native Hindus and Videshi Brahmins were carried out many times . It can be noted from Hutton study that Videshi Brahmins and Native were separated and effect of Sanskritinization was also studied . It reveals that Videshi Brahmins are basically very small population who speak Sankrit and that position remain still as it is as Non Brahmins do not speak Sanskrit and bother for that . In fact Sankrit is not oriental language but admixture of languages formed very very late and lost quickly importance as it was never accepted by Native Hindus as their language .

Hutton, the Census Commissioner for the 1931 Census, enlisted the services of Dr. B.
S. Guha, who subsequently took over as the first Director of the Anthropological Survey
of India. The latter carried out a survey in the entire sub-continent on the basis of
anthropometric and somatoscopic observations. Guha measured in all 3,771 persons
belonging to 51 racial strains and took measurements on 18 different characteristics,
besides recording a number of somatoscopic observations on skin, eye and hair colours
for isolating the racial types. The survey covered the aboriginal population as well as
the so-called lowest castes to throw light on (a) the racial types present among the
tribals and the lower classes of Indian population and (b) the extent to which inter-
mixture might have occurred between (I) the Brahmin and upper stratum of the rest of
the population and (ii) between the latter and the aboriginal population.

Brahmins are a dying community now have lost fertility and suffering from numerous diseases like diabetics , heart attacks due to obesity obtained due to Fokat eating etc habits .Even the 3 per cent Videshi Brahmins are not pure and one but they follow Varn and Caste system within Brahmin themselves . It is understood that Mishra , Vajpai etc are looked down upon as lower Brahmins and GSB , Bhumihar as non Brahmins and Parshuram followers as second rated Brahmins as his mother was Non Brahmin .

But when it comes to opposing even these upper - lower Brahmins come together for opposing Hindu Non Brahmins . Why it is so ?

Nv. D.D.Raut , President , NPP

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo 

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