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It is very clear that what religion Brahmins follow in India is not Hindustani Hindu Religion but a religion which they carried with them during their exodus from n
orth pole and en route settlement in Iran . Iran and Arya is synonymy and same word as per Iran history.

Native Hindus of Hindustan will not mind if they continue their Irani - Arya - Brahmin Religion like Parsi who are also from old Iran that is called Parsia.

But we can not and will not permit them to mix their religion with Native Hindu Religion whose roots are deep in Sindhu - Hindu Civilization which is said to be one of the oldest civilization of world and there fore older than Irani- Arya- Brahmin Civilization.

Ancient history of Hindustan reveals that there were several battles between Irani- Arya- Brahmin Religion people who entered illegally in Hindustan trespassing our sovereignty during our several native monarchs including, Lord Shiv, Hiranyakashpu, Pralhad , Ram etc.

Many Irani - Arya - Brahmins were slain by our Native Heroes. For example Lord Shiv killed Brahma. Ram killed Ravan, Krishna killed Aswsthama, Grand son of Sahatra Arjun killed Parshuram .

Many Native heroes were also killed by Irani- Arya - Brahmin . like Hiranya Kashapu, etc.

Efforts for peaceful living were fruitless as Irani -Arya - Brahmins insisted on un-socializing, mixing of blood, inter religion people marriages eating and dwelling etc.

some of the systems of Varna, Caste, Untouchabiliy, Janeu, Choti, Sowada, and pride and prejudice in unscientific rituals, books, etc made it extremely difficult to make one society of Irani- Arya- Brahmins and Native Hindustani Hindus.

Let us understand that Native Hindus were always accommodating , tolerant and peace loving society. The reformist religions there fore took birth in India from time to time. To name a few, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikkhism are example of that. A many hate elimination cults took birth in India during 2000 years. Lingayats, Warkari, Mahanubhav, Mira- Ravidasia cult of bhakti are those example.

The latest efforts were made by Mahatma Phule, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Ambedkar, Gadage Baba, Rashtra Sant Tukadoji Maharaj etc.

We are for reforms and purification of our Hindu Religion which has been polluted and corrupted by Irani- Arya - Brahmins.

We there fore declared Holy Bijak , the only code book of Satya Hindu Dharm where in Dharmatma Kabir revealed Satya Hindu Dharm. We appeal all Desi and Videshis to accept fact and truth that only humanist and scientific approach to every aspect of life including religion will only survive in the coming generations and time .Those who act as per above will benefit rest will get self destroyed . We wish best for all and wish best sense will prevail.

Nv. D.D.Raut, President, Native People's Party
Pracharak, Satya Hindu Dharm Sabha
Nativist, Mul Bharatiya

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