Sunday, August 26, 2012


It is world wide accepted fact  that Brahmins are Videshi and refugees in India. Tilak,  proudly accepted it in his two books. His followers , RSS founders have agreed to his opinion . However Golmal Savarkar tried to make this subject as much golmal as possible .

He tried to give golmal definition of Hindu and Hindutav. He and RSS people tried to include Brahmin Religion people in Hindu Religion and Hindutv just to mislead India. First of all Brahmins are non Indian society and  have their own religion based on Vedas,Manu Smrit, Bhagwat whic advocate inhumanity. Hindus are Native people and their Hindu Religion is separate and similar to Jain, Buddhist, Sikh faith opposing Vedas as revealed by Dharmatma Kabir in holy Bijak. This being position lawfully Buddhist, Jain, Sikhs and Hindus are called Hindus but Brahmin Religion being separate does not fall under the Hindu definition. Hindus are those who are native who are Hindus or converted to Buddhism, Jain, Sikh faith. Followers of Kabir and holy Bijak are Hindus.

Brahmins do not come in this definition. as their religion is separate and they are Videshis and not Native people.

Knowing this fact Savarkar tried to make golmal statement on Hindutv. to get benefit of Hindu fold. He said  who accept Holy land Motherland is Hindutv. But serious question is how Videshi Brahmins , Unholy People can be accepted ?

Videshi Brahmins whole thinking is based on unholiness. Oppressors of Native people can not be part of holy land and part of Hindutv. Hindutv according to Native people is only for  Native people as Hindus , Jains, Sikh, Buddhist and extendable to native converted to Christianity, Islam etc but not to Brahmin Religion as Brahmins are Videshis  and Brahmin Religion is unholy and  have no place in holy land India.

Nv. D.D.Raut, President, Native People's Party

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chodo Bharat Jodo    

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