Monday, May 18, 2015


First rapist of the world  Brahmin god Brahma and Aruna Shanbaug :

Aruna Shanbaug a staff nurse was raped by her KEM hospital staff and assaulted . Due to this bruit behavior of her rapist she went in coma and was in the same condition for more than 40 years and died yesterday . Her colleagues were taking her care all these 40 years .

Aruna Shanbaug suffered mentally and went in coma . One can understand the agony and pain . The rapist was not her relative , near and dear . But when we learn that Brahmin god Brahma had raped his own daughter Saraswati , we can understand Swaraswati's agony and pain . She had not gone in coma but suffered at her father's cruel hands . Brahma a Brahmin god is known as first rapist of the world . Brahmin history is full of such rapes and illicit sexual relations . A few more Brahmins gods have this distinction . They are Vishnu , Indra , Som and many others . Brahmin has become synonym Bastard as they are originated illicit relations in the Vedic and other Brahmin scriptures . Fule called Brahma as Madarchod, Behenchod and Betichod . Brahma was punished by Native lord Shiva . Shiva cut Brahma's head and killed him and married Saraswati to his son Ganesha .

Since that Videshi Brahmin period and due to Brahmin Adharm of Vedas , Manusmrtit etc Hindustan and Hindus suffered for last thousands years .

Aruna Shanbaug suffered rape . We notice such cases every day as this illness was originated with Brahma and spread to society down grading humanity . No where women suffered more than in Hindu and Hindustan  and the main cause of such suffering was Videshi Brahmin Dharm vikruti .

We need to change this . This can be done only when we follow our Native Hindu Dharm which is based on moralities as we find in Shiva a Native Lord and Hero who had killed Brahma punishing him fro his crime of rape of his own daughter .

Brahmin Dharm is not only separate from Hindu Dharm but it is totally opposite to Hindu Dharm and enemy of Hindus .

Nv. D.D.Raut ,
Pracharak , SHDS

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo     

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