Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Native People's Party :

India , Pakistan , Bangladesh are Brothers have Native Non Brahmin Father of Nations namely Gandhi, Jinha , Mujibar Rahman  :

India , Pakistan , Bangaladesh have one ancestral civilization which is known as Sindhu Civilization , Ancient Satya Hindu Dharm and Casteless , Varnless , Videshi Brahmin free society thinking which makes them one and Brothers ,

Like Gandhi , Jinha , Mujibar Rahaman were Native Hindus following Satya Hindu Dharmi Kabir . That is why they never liked Videshi Brahmins and therefore  videshi Brahmins hated Gandhiji , Jinha .

Jinha was for Hindustan as one where as Videshi Brahmin Hindu Mahasabha was for separation . Videshi Brahmins were under the impression that Indian Hindus can be fooled for ever telling them that Videshi Brahmins are Hindu . But within 60 years , education , social work and political awareness learned the truth that Videshi Brahmins are not Hindus but a separate videshi people having their religion known as Vedic Brahmin Dharm .

Many historians , researchers and scientific studies have thousands of time proved that Brahmins are aliens , they are videshi and enemy of Native people and Hindustan . This common thinking in India , Pakistan , Bangaladesh has also made feeling of oneness among the people of these three countries who were part of Hindustan .

We therefore have no problem in accepting greatness of jinha and Mujibar Rahaman like Gandhiji . In fact Jinha's role in getting independence to Hindustan is highly appreciable . Had not Brahminwadi Pandit Nehru been made PM of India and Jinha would have given first premiership of Hindustan , there would not have been partition . Pandit Nehru and  bogus Hindu Mahasabha had hands in gloves and even Gandhiji had to suffer costing his life .

Nv. D.D.Raut , President , NPP

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo  

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