Monday, February 16, 2015


Not fast , fight is required on Maha Shivrratri Day  :

Maha Shivratri is falling on 17 th February , 2015. We give Best Wishes on this day to Native people .

Lord Shiva is Native Hero and Lord who is worshiped by all Native people . He had one native wife who is said to be from Bhilla an aboriginal community , the Aadivashis . He was Lord of Native Gan Rajya of his time and presiding lord of Native Satya Hindu Dharm which was being followed since Sindhu Civilization before Videshi Brahmins destroyed as invaders .

For some time Videshi Brahmins were powerful and after destruction , firing , killing in Sindhu they moved inside but could not penetrate much and seems settled for small settlement here and there . A small Videshi Brahmin pockets were recorded in our fight with Videshi Brahmins in various books and scriptures of even Videshi Brahmins .

For example when Shiva was allured by Videshi Brahmin girl Parvati and her father , Brahmins did not agree to her marriage to Native Non Brahmin Lord Shiva and when Parvati gave her life in the Hom - Havan fire at her father's place , Shiva was so much  angered that he not only destroyed those Brahmin settlements , he made them worship his Penis as a mark of respect to intercaste , intervarn marriage that was first Shiv and Parvati done .

Native people were destroying Videshi Brahmin Hom- Havan even upto Lord Ram period and Native Krishna made native people worshiped by Videshi Brahmins as seen in Mahabharata period .

These epic periods show that Brahmins were almost beggars and Buddha , Mahaveer period shows they were not powerful in political sense but propagandist as of Vedic cruelty , Varn and caste system yet it can not be said that their Brahmin Dharm was accepted by large people . There was one side propaganda of Videsh Brahmins that they are superiors but not factual .

Only during 6 th Century to 9 th Century AD , Videshi Brahmins were able to establish Brahminsm of Varn , Caste , Bhedbhav and Uchnich to due certain political up and downs which are not know to Indian History . This period is called Dark Period of Indian History . It is quite possible that some more Brahmin groups again invaded India during this period and destroyed not only Buddhist , Jain Religions but also Satya Hindu Dharm and implanted Videshi Brahmin Dharm in the name of Hindu Dharm but that was not Satya Hindu Dharm .

Brahmins destroyed 84 thousand Buddhist Stupas , Several hundred Jain Temples or taken charge forcefully killing native guards and pujaris , trustees and placed Videshi Brahmin Panda , Pujari at those places . Bodh Gaya , Puri , Balaji , Pandharpur are those example . Only Native Satya Hindu Dharm Lord Shiv Temples they could not destroy or take fully charge of all these temples as taking charge of it means puja of native lord Shiva Penis by Videshi Brahmins which they even today not do willingly .

As long as Native Lord Shiva Temples continue as places of Satya Hindu Dharm , they will remind native people that Brahmins are Videshi and haters of Native people and enemy of native Satya Hindu Dharm . It means , no fast but fight with Videshi Brahmins on Maha Shivratri .

We wish Native people Happy Maha Shivratri  !

Nv. D.D.Raut ,
Vicharak , MBVM

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo

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