Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Why Buddhist - Dalit Ambedkarites do not approach for Vargani / Donation of Bhim Jayanti day 14 th April to other Native people ?

We wonder why Buddhist- Dalit Ambedakarites do not approach for Vargani / Donation of Bhim Jayanti day 14 April to other native people ? Perhaps they may be afraid of hearing no from other people . But this is not truth . In fact Dr. Ambedkar is not the Hero or Leader of Buddhist - Dalit Ambedkaraites but he is Native Hero , the leader of 97 per cent Indians and Bharat Bhagya Vidhata .

But these people have caged Dr. Ambedkar is sectarian society . The followers of Ambedkar come from different religions like Muslims , Christian , Sikh , jain , Satya Hindu Dharm and Buddhist too . But Buddhist perhaps think that Ambedkar is Buddhist sole property and there fore they get shy to approach other Native people.

It is true Dr Ambedkar accepted Buddhism in 1956 . He become true Buddhist . We think he left Videshi Brahmin Dharm bondage freed hinself and his followers from Vedic Brahmin Dharm which is separate from Satya Hindu Dharm revealed by Dharmatma Kabir in Holy Bijak . We do not want to go in details who different are Satya Hindu Dharm and Brahmin Dharm here due to shortage of time and space but we must mention here that the opposition to Videshi Brahmin Vedic Dahrm is along journey where Buddhism , jainism , Sikhism too played a vital role and Dharmatma Kabir's Satya Hindu Dharm was one of them .

So we think , Buddhist - Dalit Ambedkarites should not fear that they will not be welcome , if they approach for Vargani / Donation for Bhim Jayati day following on 14 th April every year . We NPP think that this is National Day and Day of 97 per cent Native people . So approach other religion Native people for this day program and if possible apart from Buddhist prayers , take prayers from other religions which fought against Videshi Brahminism and Brahmin Dharm .

We give them best wishes . They can start this work from today it self  . NPP workers are with you as just ordinary workers , no desire for chair on Bhashan Manch , we are happy as simple workers as Nativist .

Nv. D.D.Raut , President , NPP

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo 

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