Sunday, February 15, 2015


Who is India's Enemy No. 1 , ? Any Idea ?

Who is India's Enemy Number One ? Any Idea ? We are asking this questions to those politician and their parties who say they are Nationalist , Desh Bhakt , Desh Premi etc , etc.

There are Videshi Brahmin controlled parties which count and say Pakistan is India's number one enemy . We do not agree.

Panditwadi people and Congress says nothing on this matter as they can not speak truth . We dislike this .

Communist parties controlled by Brahmins always say America is enemy of India as they stand for open market , globalization , capitalism . We do not agree with them .

There are parties which call themselves like Dalit , Bahujan , Ambedkarwadi etc . Most of these parties are confused . They do not know who is their real enemy .

Dalit ki Beti Mayawati now no more follow Kanshiram which he used to say Tilak , Taraju are enemy of them . Now both are with Mayawati but Dalits have ditched her . Other Bahujawadi BMP says not Videshi Brahmins but Gandhi is enemy  and RPI Ambedkarwadis say no body is enemy as Ambedkar married a Brahmin girl but they are slightly sad with Gandhi had opposed Dr Ambedkar in the matter of separate electorate and double voting of depressed class that is Dalits . They have symbolized Gandhi as Brahmiwadi forgetting that Gandhi himself was sufferer of Videshi Brahmin varnwad , jaatiwad , Bhedbhav and he was non Brahmin and further he was killed by Videshi Brahmin Nathuram Godse in organized criminal way making several attempts on his life for standing against Brahminism since his entry in Indian politics from 1917 .

So most of the political parties and politicians have either wrong notion , understanding , thinking or no knowledge , ignorance as to who is real enemy of India .

We very categorically want to tell that according to us only Videshi Brahmins are enemy number one of India and Native people irrespective of their religion and what non Brahmin varn and caste they so far belong .  We do not want to waste our time finding who is our enemy number two , three etc and ponder over small issues like quota , double vote , separate electorate ,inter caste , varn marriage , protestant Brahmins etc etc .

We do not want to waste time and energy of our voters , supporters , people and country speaking irrelevant things like progress , sab ka sath as Modi , Kejariwal talk . We do not want to say we are Dalits , Bahujan , Ambedkarite and yet have no defined aim . We do not follow Panditwad , Brahminwad , Manuwad , Gadsewad , Peshvawad and we are clearly against them since we are nativist believing only in Non Brahmin politics and for ending Brahmin rule , culture and Brahmin Dharm and Vikruti and reestablishing Native Rule or Hindvi Swaraj as our great Native Non Brahmin Heroes , Saints and leaders like Dharmatama Kabir , Mahatma Fule , Mahatma Gandhi , Dr . Ambedkar , Gadge Baba , Tuadoji Maharaj and other several other told us and for which the Youngest Martyr Baji Raut gave his life . It is Native Rule minus Videshi Brahmins .

So the Enemy of India is only one and that is Videshi Brahmins .

We ask them to Quit India .

Nv. D.D.Raut ,
Vicharak , MBVM,

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo 

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