Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mul Bhartiya Vichar Manch : We Think :

No historical evidence of any Videshi Brahmin King or Brahmin Kingdom in Greater Hindustan . Brahmins were always beggars :

Recently Videshi Brahmins are calling a few kings and persons of influence as Brahmins . Some times they call Pushymitra Shung , Chanakya , Dahir , Shashank as Brahmin kings and influential persons but that is not truth as there is no evidence showing them were from Videshi Brahmin community .
Dahir was Non Brahmin Hindu king of Sindh . Pushymtra Shunga was a distant relative of Mourya Kings and Shashank a Non Brahmin Hindu Shaivite .So far Chanakya is concerned ,many historians say he is not historical person but artificial person created by Videshi Brahmins to take credit of over throw of Nand Dynasty who were also Non Brahmin Hindu rulers before Mouryans . And if Chanakya was Brahmin , that shows there was no meritorious , brave Brahmin boy to whom he could bring forward against Nandas . Videshi Brahmins never make any favor to any Non Brahmin in any condition . They have only beggar mentality .

In fact Ashoka's period was tolerant to all religions .The religions followed at that time were new found Budddhist  (Shramner ) , Jain ( Niganthis ),  Native Sindhu Civilization linage Hindu ( Shaivist ) and Vedic Videshi Brahmin Dharm.

Videshi Beggar Brahmins immediately took the advantage of Samrat Ashoka's kindness , tolerance and secularism and joined Buddhism en mass to various benefits from king protected and monetarily supported Buddhist Religion . And on down fall of Mouryans took charge of all 84 thousand well built and maintained structures of Stupas etc and converted them for their own benefits like Dan - Daxina restricting other real Non Brahmin Buddhist entry in those places .

Neither Pushymitra Shunga nor Shasank of Bengal persecuted Buddhist as there are evidences of their supporting Buddhist , Jain and Hindu Shaivist as Non Brahmin Hindu rulers .

Only during dark age of 7 AD - to 9 AD or to be precise  during Shankaracharya period Videshi Brahmins organized as Terrorist Group or Terrorist Public Organization taking charge of Hindu , Jain , Buddhist temples and structures by terrorizing monks , sadhus and saints and even killed them and made public appearance of their strengths by taking processions of Naked Brahmins who subsequently called as Naga Akhadas .
Even during this period of lawlessness , we do not find any Videshi Brahmin King or Kingdom . The Peshwas in Maratha Rule were simply a Clerk or a Babu . We can call that Peshwai as Corrupt  Babu Shahi like of today what we find in government departments everywhere .

Nv. D D.Raut ,
Vichark , MBVM

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo    

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