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Nativist D.D.Raut  : Life and Work
Born to serve Native People :                          
Nativist D.D.Raut whose full name is Daulat Domaji Raut is born on 24 August ,1948 at Pauni , Dist : Bhandara , Maharashtra State , India . He is the sixth sibling having five elder brothers and two younger sisters . His father’s name is Domaji Lahuji Raut and mother’s name Krishnabai .
His father was a businessman and trader of rice and  gul . He was the only son to his parents Lahuji and Parvatabai . Lahuji was noted pahelwan of his time in the vicinity . However he died in young age living Domaji as a child in the care of his laborious mother who started rice milling at home and selling finished product in market .
Domaji too followed his father’s liking for deshi kusti and in his youth he used to play kusti in nearby villages and towns . As was the custom in those days he was married to Krishnabai younger daughter of Motghare , a farmer and Kotwal of Sindhapuri a village across the river Vainganga . At the time of marriage Domaji was 13 years old and Krishnabai 6 years old .
Since Krishnabai was small girl , Domaji’s mother Parvatabai got him married to one more girl by name Darombabai from Itagaon  a near by village whose parents were also farmers and she was the only child to her parents . Their surname was Pillewan and well to do as having vast farming land with lot of product .
Nativist D.D.Raut’s childhood was very pleasant and enjoyable as he had such two equally caring mothers  who never gave any feeling to all us brothers and sisters. In fact our family was famous for oneness of all brothers and sisters any many did not knew who was whose real mother or birth giver . Nativist D.D.Raut was from Krishnabai and his eldest two brothers from Darombabai .
His eldest brother was tailor by profession , second brother was teacher , third a Tahsildar in government , forth a superintendent in local boys hostel , fifth wireman in state electrical department and last Nativist D.D.Raut himself although desired to become either IAS or Professor , an Auditor in Central Government Audit department for some time .
His bother’s names were Ganpat , Pandurang , Shrikant , Devaji , Babaji and sisters name were Sashikala and Sarita .
Nativist D.D.Raut took primary education at Pauni itself in Municipal Primary schools first at Nehru Primary school and then at Saxena Primary School . From fifth standard he went to Municipal High School ,Pauni and for college education to Saoner , Brahmapuri and Nagpur . He studied at Saoner Art and Commerce college , Nevajabai Hitakarni college , Brahmapuri and GS College of Commerce at Nagpur . He was student of M.Com in GS college and got job at final year as Auditor in C.Rly Audit office , Mumbai where he worked from May 1973 to Oct , 1981 . There after he left to join as Asst . Finance Officer at ITI Ltd , Naini , Allahabad , UP . He worked in various capacities in ITI Ltd and took VRS finally from Mumbai S8C Office  that is Import and Export office of ITI Ltd . He had done his Diploma in Import and Export from Indian Merchant’s Chambers , Mumbai where he was head of office in the year 2002 .
Nativist D.D.Raut was strong built up like his father , very fair but little short in height as he is only 5 ‘ 3” which is below average height of boys of his time . The average good height was considered at least 5 feet and 6 inches and boys with exceptional height like 6 ft as of Amitabha Bachan were called lamboo and for boys like Nativst Raut as Thingu .
But Nativist D.D.Raut was looking so handsome that even with his less height that some people were advising him to go for Cinema as hero . He was liked by his all girl friends also during school and college days . A Brahmin girl named Prabha was liking him very much who herself was exceptionally most beautiful . In college period he was liked by many girls one among them was Vanita who was also so much beautiful girl of her time that every body , all boys looking at her when ever she is seen . She too liked Nativist Raut and he also liked her very much ,she too was from higher caste like Prabha and parents of both girls never liked Nativist Raut’s so called Caste and were naturally not to allow to consummate marriage at any cost and there fore left the good relations altogether to fate and never again met with these girls so that they do not get disturbed in their private and married life.
Nativist D.D.Raut married to a girl from his own caste from a village Adyal whose name is Baya and her father’s name is Ramchandra Meshram . She had three brothers namely Babulal , Siddharth and Balraj , no sister . Her father was also a small trader of trades and seasonal business like Bidi , hotel , Bomboo stock , various oil seeds stockiest etc. Ramchandra Meshram gave best education to his children who all got well educated and good jobs like officer , teacher , Clerk and he gave his daughter education up to  college . Deepa name changed after marriage was a studious girl and secured first class in Matriculation . His father wanted his daughter to stand on her own feet and wanted to make her a nurse .  However, Deepa was fully contained with her roll as house wife and supported her husband in all ups and down of his life particularly after taking VRS and doing business as hotelier right from sweeping floor of hotel to cooking in the kitchen of hotel ,
Deepa looked after their son and daughter education and up bringing completely when Nativist Raut was busy with his social and political work . Harshal is the name of their son and daughter’s name is Rashmi . Both married and doing well on their own independently now .
Nativist Raut was always an introspecting person and used to go to Bal Samudra , a talav near by to his stay ward Shukrawari Peth , Jagannath temple , a temple of Ram and a fort of Pauni where he used to sit alone for hours together or go for a lone walk to Vahi- Betala and other side by  villages.
As a boy at his home he used to help his mother and father and brothers in what ever work they told to him . He used to sit at his father’s shop of Rice and  Gul as one of his subordinate and helper and used to carry market good given by his father to home even more that 10 kg Rice and other vegetables on his shoulders passing distance of about 2-3 kms . In fact Nativist desired to become a businessman or enterpriser like his father than doing service but do to demise of his father when he was studying in B.Com . forced him to go for job after completion of college education .
When Nativist Raut finished his M.Com education , he was very much thinking of joining local politics and fighting his town Municipal election as Ward member so that he could give his faithful and sincere services to his native place making it industrial town staring some factories etc. he wanted to make Pauni a tourist spot where there can be rope way from fort to Bal Samudra where there should be boating and Kurhada talav as a large strolling park with running and cycling tracks etc etc. Nativist Raut , in his childhood was fascinated by characters of Phantom and Tarzan and many times he dreamed like swinging from one tree to another tree like Tarzan . He also may times dreamed or mostly dreamed of flying like Hanuman with waving his hands up and down . This dream lasted even up to his age around fifty only in recent years these dreams are not coming to him .
But he always dreamed casteless , Varnless , Uchnich , Bhedabhedless society . He had very much disrespect for Brahmins as a community to whom he always thought is cunning society and responsible for all ills in society . As a boy he was not allowed to fetch water from other higher class people wells . he used to spit in those wells when ever he passed by that side and was alone . He was feeling  pleased that those higher class people now drink water of his pick polluted by him just to take revenge of Caste system . He could not marry to his liked girls as they were from upper caste although he loved and liked them very much .
This fire in him , never allowed  him to sit quite and when ever he got opportunity he started his work against Varn and Caste system and those people who advocated for that .
During his childhood he was always taken by his mother to her mother’s brother’s village Kanhalgaon where Meshram family was her mama , a small village about 5 to 6 kms away from our home Pauni were either on Bail Bandi or walking through a forest thick and fearful and known for tigers etc. But we always enjoyed the village life where plenty of Deshi sweet mangoes were at home always with ambil and ghugharis of Jawar , Tur and wheat with chatani of raw mangoes and bhakar baked on wooden chulhas . Many other relatives were coming to our home during market days of our town which were Saturday and Tuesday and bringing farm produces like Hurda of chana , pakharas killed by shikari etc. Most of the time Nativist mother’s father Kotwal whose name was Somaji used to come in those days dressed in pant and shirt given by some his higher officers like Teahsildar when on visit from Dist place Bhandara .
Nativist and his brothers were always enjoying his coming , his other elder sister who was also coming from Kodurli a another small village where she was married to Ramteke Kotwal . Although she was elder to Nativist mother Krishnabai , all brothers were calling her as Maushi .
Nativist enjoyed during his childhood eating Gul and Chana a lot as he was sitting at his Gul Shop till Matriculations . He liked Sighada , Bolanda , Khirani , Tembur , Char , Futi , Jai and Bhisi a special eatables of Pauni along with Misal of small hotels in the town and market .
As a child Nativist got exposed to working of educational trust , government aided hostel as the same was run by his elder brother Pandurang who had started this as a Secretary of Nalanda Hostel with some more teachers of their wards who were also serving in Municipal school . Nativist’s brother Pandurang Raut was well known as Raut Guruji was also Superintendent and Secretary of Siddharth Hostel , Pauni before starting Nalanda hostel and Nativist D.D.Raut was always used as courier by messenger boy for calling meetings , taking and bringing records etc. which made him interestedin social work since his childhood . Sidhartha Hostel and Nalanda hostel had been home of many students up to Matric and many grown up people now meet Nativist who have come from  those hostels .
Naticist D.D.Raut also enjoyed eating at Panjab Dhaba near Maharaj Baug at Nagpur where his favorite non veg dish was Mutton masala and he used to go to his uncle’s home in Laskaribaug and Santra Market on Sundays and holidays for eating non veg meals where it was told was many times Beef from Mominpura or Sadar of Nagpur . Mama and Uncle were not so rich but were very happy to see Nativist at their home as they were also frequent visitors to our Pauni home on Various occasions and for pooja of kul Daivat Nagas , Waghin and Bova Farid or Nanga Madar his father Domaji was doing all poojas after taking bath and no body was touching him when he was doing that poojas . he was also giving Rakhondi and Water fortified by some mantras for children who were crying do to some problem , stomach problem or bad najar of any body .
Even Nativist D.D.Raut was having Bhar of Gods of House who was relieved only after distribution of his weight equal Gul and Dry coconuts , Kharik etc when he was about 7 years old  and having hairs long with choti like a girl was cut only after such pooja .
Most of the Rauts from different villages were coming to Nativist Raut’s home for pooja as that was the common thana or place of Raut’s family Kul Devatas  and doing poojas before marriages etc offering a cock or a he goat .
On other occasions people were offering Malida made of Big and Thick Roti of wheat baked on home fire mixed with Gul peaces and Sweet Aniseeds and lot of Ghee churning in small pieces and then distributed to Raut family members . Even serving of sacrifice meat was also for Rauts only and not to others . Nativist Raut always felt surprise as to why such mix up faith like Nagas , Adivashi type Wagheen and Muslim peer Baba Farid or Bova Farid as they were talking . Nativist Raut thought that Rauts must be Nag Vanshi Rulers having thana or court to decide things related to old age ancestors and looks correct as the excavations carried out at Jagannath temple ruins confirmed nag vashi rulers were prominent people who had erected a stupa as large as Sanchi Stupa at Pauni  and the same was first discovered by Mansaram Raut , a distant relative of Nativist Raut who was also Freedom Fighter of his time and running Sidharth Hotel .
Rauts of Pauni are respectable people . Even Brahmins and all other caste people respect Rauts due to their charitable work , hostels , schools, college and other institutions.   
Work of Nativist D.D.Raut
Nativist D.D.Raut left his pure government job to undertaking so that he can do work as political activist . Earlier to that he had started a social movement by name Federation for Eradication of Evils with some young friends from different government jobs . The main aim was to organize youth for non political work against Varn and Caste system .
As an activist for Human Rights he was honored at World Human Rights Congress 2001 at Delhi were he was Awarded 2001 Human Rights Promotion Award and Indian Institute of Human Rights honored with Honorius of Professor of Human Rights and Counselor for Maharashtra .
Nativist D.D.Raut founded a trust to help in disaster and natural calamities  by name Blue Wheel Cross ( International ) to raise help for needy during need and donated collected amount to CM funds and by help as kind to such people . He founded educational trust by name Bahujan Education Foundation of India and started an English medium school by name Periyar Ramaswami English School and Destitute Home by name Anath Pindak Balgruh and helped destitute children in education at society school free of cost with living . He had to give up some of his such trust work due to non availability of land and funds .
Nativist D.D.Raut always wanted to participate in the work of Union of workers . At his job in Audit office he actively participated in Union work even he had not completed his one year in government service and participated in Railway men’s strike during 1973 . He had  hold office bearers position at a time in workers union and in officer’s associations at ITI ltd Mumbai , Ahmadabad and at Ahmadabad he formed an organization named as Akhil Bhartiya Shramik Anyay Nirmulan Lok Samiti to help mill workers get their PF and Funds where mills were closed . He founded a workers Union named ITI Regional Employees Congress Union to get their demand accepted who were getting harassment  as they were unearthing corruption in company . Samajwadi Congress appointed him General Secretary of Gujarat during 1980 and gave all power to contest elections of Gujarat Assembly without having their any committee . Nativist D.D.Raut built up Samajwadi Congress in Gujarat single handed and organized every thing even contesting election by some candidates .
He started thinking at this point as to why political parties are not serious of removing Varn and Caste system altogether of Indian society ? He never saw any party having this sole agenda . He felt the words like sociality , communist , progressive , secular etc are eye wash and nothing else . He never liked approach of terrorist organization for obtaining the aim . Only after reading and thoroughly studying Dharmatma Kabir , Mahatma Fule , Mahatma Gandhi , Dr Ambedkar, The Youngest Martyr of India Baji Raut , Rashtra Saint Tukadoji Maharaj  and  many others  Native Heroes . He found that the main cause of all ills is Videshi Brahmins . He found that Brahmin Dharm is separate from native Satya Hindu Dharm and Videshi Brahmins have polluted Hindu Dharm to suit their purpose .
Therefore , Nativist D.D.Raut got a new political party registered by name Native People’s Party with Election Commission of India in 1992 and to guide chalk our general policies for future movement of native people for Casteless , Varnless society , Mul Bhartiya Vichar Manch was founded by him  in 1990 along with Satya Hindu Dharm Sabha to claim that Hindu Dharm is separate from Brahmin Dharm and Hindu Dharm is against Varn and Caste system of Videshi Brahmins .
Gandhiji had a foster son like Jamanalal Bajaj , Dr Ambedkar had supporters like Rajarshi Shahu , Maharaja of Baroda Gaikwad but Nativist had none except a few friends who always supported in his work of founding Native Rule Movement , MBVM , NPP and SHDS and Nativist Raut will always remain indebted to Professor  Dr . Bhimrao Gote , Appasaheb Vijay Vispute , Native Damu Anna Thakare , N.S. Jagzape who were not only close friends in movements but co founders in true sense .   
Nativist D.D.Raut did all social work , union work and political work when he was also working in various organizations namely  Director of Audit , Central Railway , ITI Limited , Own Hotel Business , Accountant at Samrat , Accounts Officer at Indian Education Society , Manger at DBESA , Cancer hospital , Bapgaon  , at Regional office YCMOU , Kalyan and various ITI Ltd offices in UP , Maharashtra , Gujarat and foot work through in India traveling in Buses and Rly ‘s even unreserved class , general class without any monetary support or donations from any quarter , public using his own money , giving his own time for the cause of Native people .
Nativist Raut always felt that he had great inspiration from his mother who was a kind lady and courageous person working tirelessly for her family and his brother Raut Guruji Pandurang Raut who gave him lessons of social work and treasury of various subject books which made Nativist Raut a voracious reader of books of all subjects which developed his understanding of politics , history and sociology and the problems of Native people of Hindustan .
Nativist Raut felt that he may be killed by Videshi Brahmins any time like Mahatma Gandhi as he is getting warning that he should stop working for Native people immediately . He gets mobile phone calls , warning on face book etc but he has already written on blogs and face book and Native People’s Party website that he is not afraid of death . In fact he escaped death three times in his childhood and youth first when he was about 13-14 years old gone for swimming at Vainganga river of town at Diwan ghat where he was saved by his elder brother ,second time when he was riding cycle at unmanned rly crossing in Motibaug , Nagpur and third time when he was at home after M.Com Exam where he got severe attack of kidney infection with very high fever and unbearable pain . He survived these incidences perhaps his destiny wanted to workin future for his Native people .
Nativist was introvert in the young age but dare devil when need aroused. He never felt shy doing petty work for the cause of Native people like pasting posters to walls himself during night , fearlessly challenging Videshi  Brahmins in his arguments and speeches . He fought against the corrupt system when he was working in government office and undertaking suffering even stoppages of increments , promotions since staff junior to him have reached DGM /GM positions had he not fought against corrupt system he might have also got such positions but happy that he fought , suffered but never gave up .   
What is the ideology of Nativist D.D.Raut ?
Nativist D.D.Raut says
“ Hindu Vohi , Jo Brahmin Nahi “
“ Hindutva Vahi , Jisame Brahmin Bilkul Nahi “
“ Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo “
‘’ Videshi Brahmins , Quit India “
Nativist D.D.Raut thinks that there is no contradiction in the work of Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi and Father of Indian Constitution Dr Ambedkar to whom he calls Bharat Bhagya Vidhata
Nativist D.D.Raut says that Satya Hindu Dharm was existing in Hindustan from the ages of Sindhu Civilization before Videshi Brahmins invaded Hindustan  and firmly think that the same Satya Hindu Dharm was revealed by Dharmatma Kabir in his Holy Vani Bijak which is the only Code book of Satya Hindu Dharm .
Nativist D.D.Raut says that Hindu Dharm is separate from Videshi Brahmin Dharm and Varnwad , Jaatiwad , Uchnich , Bhedbhav is the contribution and principle of Videshi Vedic Brahmin Dharm and no place in Satya Hindu Dharm as that was not there even at the time of Sindhu Civilization .
Nativist Raut always felt that the present democracy is costly . Native people being poor can not afford expenditure like Videshi Brahminwadi , Panditwadi parties who spent recently in the elections in thousands of crores rupees . There policy is simple spend money , make money .It means in simple words do corruptions , do favorism , purchase media , news papers , man power and poor people by money and come to power . Nativist Raut feels even after all these things Videshi Brahminwwadi forces doing such things , Native people can bring Native Rule to this country provided they understand the value of their vote and vote for Native Rule Movement . We call this priceless politics . We believe in this as we can not bring any worthy change by corrupt practices .
Native Rule Movement is going on since 1990 or even earlier to that since 1973 as social movement . Native People’s Party after registration in 2002 had participated in various elections and even own a seat of MLA in the past . We got NPP registered with  State Election Commission , Maharashtra , so that we can fight election from the level of Gram Panchayat . Party got PAN . Bank Account and welcome all Native people who have faith in Mul Bhartiya Vicharm Manch , agree with our aim and working rules , feel there is no contradiction among Non Brahmin Native heroes work towards service to Nation and are Non Brahmins .
We must not fight among ourselves . Therefore no body should waste his time on matters like who is great Gandhi or Ambedkar , abusing Hindu , conversion , eating habits of various faiths which native people have adopted etc etc. In fact Native believe “ Jo Jo Bhave , Tyo Tyo Khavo “  Cow is an useful animal not more than that . Brahmin rapist gods are useless , so also their Hom- Havan , Gayatri and other mantras , Vedas , Manusmriti and other books are useless to Hindus as they are no Hindu Dharm books . Native People’s Party is a mainstream party for all Non Brahmins and Native people have no caste , no varn . They are one and equal .
Nativist Raut felt that Native People’s Party is bigger than him and he is just one worker of the party . Native people should write Nv . beore their names instead of Mr. Mrs . Shri , Smt , Ku. Etc. We are Native therefore write Nv. Before your name it is like Com or Brother .And we 97 per cent Native people should be proud of that . Native people also should use one common salutation like “ Namaskar “ as it is all inclusive , easy and represents our age old Namo salutation of Sindhu civilization Satya Hindu Dharm , Buddhist Dharm , Jain Dharm , Sikh Dharm and even Christian and Muslim Dharm as it is acceptable and easy for all of us .
Native Rule Movement organizations attached workers can work from their home , use all present day means of propaganda , canvassing like FB , Blogs , Comments on day to day news rejection what is against Native people and forcefully writing in favor of Native Rule Movement . They should work fearlessly as they are 97 people among 100 people around them and only 3 per cent Videshi Brahmin . Now Videshi Brahmins are afraid of native awakening and trying to allure native people calling them great and telling that Videshi Brahmins too are resident of India . We reject outright their statement as they say they are Brahmins . 
Nativist D.D.Raut says he will not accept any award from Brahminwadi , Panditwadi rulers not even Bharat Ratna , even if given to him .
These are  very important slogans Nativist D.D.Raut has given to Nation and Native people so that Native Rule can be brought back to Hindustan and Varn and Caste system can be ended for ever .
Blogs : Mul Bhartiya , Satya Hindu Dharm Sabha   Face Book : Nativist Raut


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