Saturday, March 7, 2015


We Wish Happy International Women's Day :

Today is International Women's Day . We wish best to all women on this day .

We must thank UNO for declaring Women's Day and many other such significant days by the world body . Had not they declared such days like Women's Day , the Brahminwadi governments in India would not have ever declared such days .

What ever position now , we see in India some discussions on TV  where most of the elite class women participate in discussions . We laugh when they say Indian women are Durga , Laxmi , Sarswati and symbol of women power or strength . They are like parrots say what they have heard from their ignorant parents , teachers and Videshi Brahmin Pandits who have been telling all the time untruth .

What is the reality of Durga , Laxmi and Saraswati ? Who are they what is their life story ?

What we see from Videshi Brahmin scriptures that they were Brahmin women . Durga whose other name is Parvati was married to Non Brahmin Shiva . This marriage was opposed by her father and many times he insulted Parvati and Shiva . At last he insulted so much that he did not call Shiva at pooja at his home where Parvati went to question her father and having insulted her she jumped in the ritual fire of Hom - havan doing suicide .

Second women Laxmi was the wife of Brahmin so called god who had enslaved Laxmi as his dasi who was always at his feet doing all time service as a domestic servant rather than a wife . Not only that Vishnu was found lecher and rapist who raped Tulasi the wife of Vrindavan by depiction as king Vrundavan the native  Non Brahmin king of that time .We do not here any protest from Laxmi .
The third women Saraswati was a daughter of Videshi Brahmin Brahma who is stated to be main god of Videshi Brahmins and their creator . he raped his own daughter Saraswati . What Saraswati did ? No thing ? Had she killed her rapist father Brahma ? No.

Now we ask from these ignorant elite class women what type of inspiration they get from these Videshi Brahmin girls women who never opposed , fought against women atrocities , equality is a far cry !

We get surprised why these educated women even do not remember Savitribai Fule , Mahatma Fule , Dr Ambedkar and even quote even single time in their discussions with reference to their work for women empowerment ?

We ask these women what is the use of your education ? Sadly these women say Saraswati is  goddess of education which makes us laugh double .

This this the position of women in India , the position of men is no different and government machinery , Ministers and Prime Minister is no exception . All are same , every body speaks untruth , speaks lies and have no daring to say that Savitribai is that lady which is new goddess of learning .

We have that courage . We say the symbols of Women Power are not Durga ,Saraswati , Laxmi but Savitribai Fule . Unless this is accepted by each and every women and men , this country can not progress . To accept this means driving out Videshi Brahmins who are epitome ignorance , atrocities and adharm . Videshi Brahmins are enemy of humanity , progress and people .

All women unite and fight out Videshi Brahmins who are the main cause of your slavery . We wish you best in your efforts . we are with you !

Nv. D.D.Raut , President , NPP

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo  

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